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A ghostwriter (also spelled as ghost writer) produces digital and hard-copy informational content on behalf of someone else. As a professional writer, I write content that is used in articles, ebooks, reports, along with web content and blogs on a variety of topics, including digital photography, travel history, destination travel, automotive/RV, fly fishing and the GI Bill just to name a few.

Writing services:
If you need professionally written content custom tailored to your business to use in articles, reports, ebooks, blogs or as web content as part of your overall content strategy look to us for your writing needs.

Our minimum rate is $20 per page. Content is tailored to your exacting needs – by taking your target audience, applicable keywords and your business strategy into consideration when writing on the topic of your choice. With custom-written content, it is more relevant and targeted to both your business needs and the needs of your customers in terms of tone, style and intent.

If you are interested in having professional-grade content written specifically for your business, please contact me at knessr@gmail.com with your:
– name
– email address
– topic(s) requested
– type of content (article, report, ebook, blog or web content. NOTE: I do not write sales copy.)
– number of pages
– target audience

Once I receive your request, I’ll create a quote and get right back to you.

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If you have any questions, please ask me. Thanks!

I’m based in Gold Canyon, AZ, but I work for clients globally around the world.

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